Research Projects

External Grant

  • SCARLET-α: Spacecraft Autonomy & Onboard AI, Role: Chief Investigator

  • Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) - Towards Contextual and Intelligent Response, transferred to NTU colleague

  • Autonomous Indirect Multi-Component Process Sensing, Role: Principal Investigator

  • Intelligent Multi-Energy Management Systems, Role: Principal Investigator

  • Sourcing Robotics: Intelligent Sourcing Agent, Role: Co Investigator

  • Semantic Visual Indoor Positioning System with Real-time Analytics, transferred to NTU colleague

  • Fault Resilient Edge AI for Real-time Lifelong Deep Learning, transferred to NTU colleague

Internal Grant

  • Never-Ending Deep Learning Agent for Non-stationary Data Streams, transferred to NTU colleague

  • Real-Time Handling of Uncertainties in Data Streams, Role: Principal Investigator

  • Handling Uncertainties in Data Streams Using Autonomous Learning Machine, Role: Principal Investigator