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^ : corresponding author

** : directly supervised research staffs (Postdoc, Research Associate, etc.)

* : directly supervised students


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Special Issue

  • M. Pratama, P. Angelov, E. Lughofer, Recent Progress on Autonomous Machine Learning, Information Sciences

  • M. Pratama, E.Lughofer, D. Wang, Online Real-Time Learning Strategies for Data Streams , Neurocomputing

  • M. Pratama, E. Lughofer, S. Suresh, M.S. Mouchaweh, Advanced Soft Computing for Prognostics Health Management, Applied Soft Computing


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  • Associate Editor, Information Sciences (IF: 6.795)

  • Associate Editor, Knowledge-based Systems (IF: 8.08)

  • Associate Editor, Complexity (IF: 2.591)

  • Associate Editor, Evolving Systems (IF: 2.070)

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Control and Decision

  • Editor in Chief, International Journal of Business Intelligence and Data Mining

  • IEEE CIS Emergent Technologies, Technical Committee

  • IEEE CIS Singapore Chapter, ExCom

  • Tutorial and Keynote Chair, IEEE SSCI 2022

  • Koordinator Klaster Keahlian Telekomunikasi, Robotics, IT, AI, Big Data, Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional (2020 - present)

  • Program Committee, AAAI, IJCAI, ICONIP, ICMLA, FUZZ-IEEE, CIKM, etc.

  • Scientific Committee, 12th Conference on Learning Factories (CLF2022)

  • Tutorial on AML in IEEE SSCI 2020

  • Program Chair of INNS BDDL 2018

  • General Chair of 1st ICDM Workshop on AML 2019

  • Local Arrangement Chair of ICBK 2018

  • Publication Chair, IEEE SSCI, 2018